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It is with pride and gratitude that we guide you along this journey to explore the essence of our philosophy. Because it is through our values and ideals that you'll understand and appreciate the soul of our products, which is the result not only of our knowledge and experience, but, above all, of our beliefs, our hopes and our fears. For about a third of a century, Gamma International has been manufacturing high profile furniture in order to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated palates. And you know when you are sitting on one of our products because everything we do spells ultimate quality: the superior characteristics of our prime materials, the modern manufacturing processes which allow us to craft exceptionally complex and refined details, the undeniably sophisticated yet sober design and the opportunity to customize each model are all trademarks of our company. But maybe, what really sets our products apart from the competition is that they are made by people who are committed to continuous research and innovation. In fact, we still find pleasure and gratification in spending long hours to come up with a new detail or a perfectly proportioned shape, we are incessantly studying a way to improve a material or a design, with the curiosity, innocence and ingenuity of those visionary people who donít just accept and follow trends, but want to play a part in shaping them. Thanks to this mindset, attention to the needs of our customers becomes of paramount importance. We genuinely understand that every person is unique, and this is why we custom-tailor each and every sofa around the dreams of our clients. Therefore it is not surprising we truly believe that with their high profile, alluring design and unconditional comfort, what we make is not just furniture, we create emotions. And, unlike others, we donít need to say that our sofas are the best in the world. People know

Gamma Inernational

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